The University of Hong Kong Real Estate Index Series

2-2019 (Reflective of transactions up to 12-2018)*


Residential price index and sub-indices




Monthly change1



Annual change2


HKU-ARPI (港大綜合住宅指數)




The University of Hong Kong All Residential Price Index








HKU-HRPI (港大港島住宅指數)




The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Island Residential Price Index








HKU-KRPI (港大九龍住宅指數)




The University of Hong Kong Kowloon Residential Price Index








HKU- NRPI (港大新界住宅指數)




The University of Hong Kong New Territories Residential Price Index












*  There is a 6 week time lag with the HKU-REIS as it takes time for residential sales and purchase agreements to be lodged with the Hong Kong Land Registry.

1    Compared with the previous month, percentage change in the brackets.

2    Compared with same month last year, percentage change in the brackets.


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